The Pleasure of My Company by Steve Martin

The Pleasure of My Company

Steve Martin

You can't help empathizing with Daniel Pecan Cambridge who suffers from so many obsessions that everyday life is a constant challenge. He occasionally finds himself in the most peculiar, almost slapstick situations - some of which made me laugh out loud! The reason behind his problems adds a more serious dimension to this touching and uplifting story and you are soon willing him on to a happy ending.

When I hit the street, I encountered a problem. I had forgotten to wear sunglasses. So as I walked by her, facing west into the sun, while I may have been an aloof figure, I was an aloof figure who squinted. One half of my face was shut like a salted snail, while the other half was held open in an attempt to see. Just at the moment Elizabeth looked over (I intentionally scuffled my foot, an impetuous betrayal of my own plan to let her notice me on her own), I was half puckered and probably dangerous-looking.
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