The Last Treasure Hunt by Jane Alexander

The Last Treasure Hunt

Jane Alexander

This debut novel demonstrates that a desire for recognition at any price can lead to a life unravelling. With that starting point you won’t be surprised that Campbell (more anti-hero than hero) isn’t a particularly sympathetic character. If you can run with that you will be rewarded by a fascinating insight into the pull of the past, the cult of celebrity and the power of publicity.

As far back as always, when we come up to Glenelg, the big thing is a treasure hunt. Last year the whole week was so wet that the hunt was just in the house. You would think that would be rubbish, but Eve's house has three whole floors, four if you count the cellar where the treasure turned out to be hidden, so there were rooms we'd never gone into and it took just as long as a hunt outside... Now Eve is dragging me with her to the falling down sheds with the others all still watching. When we're far enough away so no-one can overhear, she stands on tiptoe and whispers, 'I know the answer'. We'd all decided not to bother with the treasure, once we'd got stumped. But the idea of winning made me think again. It's always Duncan that wins, or Jean,them being the oldest - except once it was Eve that found the treasure and the rest of us ganged up and complained it wasn't fair because Eve knew all the places and we didn't ...
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