Where They Were Missed by Lucy Caldwell

Where They Were Missed

Lucy Caldwell

Set against the backdrop of the Troubles in Northern Ireland, this is the story of a complicated mother-daughter relationship, and a divided family bound together by the secrets it keeps.

It's a well worn theme, but this has a particularly engaging narrative voice, and the transition from a child's perspective to that of an adult is very deftly handled. I found it a satisfying weekend read, with just enough darkness at the edges to stop me from becoming too comfortable with the story.

One evening, we bake fairy cakes, and her tears drip into the mixture, and then she starts crying so much that she has to go and lie down on the sofa, and she forgets to cook the fairy cakes. Me and Daisy don't mind. We eat them for tea just as they are, scooping them out of the paper cases with our fingers and licking our fingers afterwards. They taste nicer just mixture. There's enough for breakfast the next morning.
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