The Masked City by Genevieve Cogman

The Masked City

Genevieve Cogman

Second title in an engaging series - but can be read as stand alone. This time we are in chaos-riddled Venice searching for a dragon and being chased by fae. As such, Cogman writes for those who want to immerse themselves in a series and it is necessary to dive into this world if you are to enjoy the mystery, intrigue, and fantasy that Irene’s quests for the magical, powerful Library entail.

And Lady Guantes at least must know what I look like. She might even recognise me through the mask,...
Her mind was whirring like a nuclear-powered hamster wheel, suggesting and rejecting plans at a speed that would have made Irene's supervisors proud. If she ever saw them again.
If this is really the Guantes' story, and I'm just a minor enemy character within it, this could happen - I get discovered and dragged off in chains, end of chapter. And it all finishes with a triumphant auction featuring a dragon, then a war.
She needed to leave. And for that, she needed a distraction.
Everyone's attention was still on the Guantes, Irene picked up her mostly full glass, murmured, 'Wine, increase in strength ten times,' into it, and leaned across to switch it with Zayanna's nearly empty wine glass.
Sherrington was turning to look at her. Had she seen?
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