By George by Wesley Stace

By George

Wesley Stace

Who's talking? The ventriloquist or the dummy? This story is a delicious mix of intrigue and emotion. Flitting with ease from the 1930s to the 1970s you journey from the security of a loving home to the excitement and despair of boarding school and then to war. The theatrical backdrop gave centre stage to a novel which built up to become a compelling read.

'Leave it to you? The last time I left it to you ....' I kept moving my mouth, but no sound came. It was a good gag: the audience loved it. Finally after much silent up and down, I spoke again, chastened: 'OK Joe. I'll leave it to you' I cleared my throat, newly serious. I cleared my throat again. 'Ladies and gentlemen!' I shouted this rather, coughed, and then apologised: 'Good lord, I think I may be going down with something .... Ladies and gentlemen, may I present to you my partner, Joe.' Joe bowed.
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