The Visitors by Rebecca Mascull

The Visitors

Rebecca Mascull

Deaf-blind Liza has a secret gift - she can sense certain 'Visitors'. After learning to control her ability and disabilities with the help of a remarkable companion, the friends set out to use the gift. Now the story shifts from cosy Victorian Kent to the brutal South Africa of the Boer Wars. Ghost story, mystery, romance, historical novel, it's all of these and more but it's the brooding presence of the Visitors that will linger with you.

Somehow, your thoughts create the voice in your mind, with no sound waves to make it real. But hear it you do. It is the same for me and the Visitors. They are equivalent to my thoughts. Yet I know they are not mine. They are other, but choose to stay with me and now speak with me, only when my eyes are open. Some have names. Others have forgotten them. They do not speak to each other. They do not seem to know each other exists or anyone beyond my head either. But they talk to me and tell me things.
  • The Art of Hearing Heartbeats by Jan-Philippe Sendker
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