Lunatics, Lovers and Poets by Daniel Hahn & Margarita Valencia (eds)

Lunatics, Lovers and Poets

Daniel Hahn & Margarita Valencia (eds)

A well written short story can be more satisfying to the reader than an overblown novel and there are several in this commemorative anthology that hit the spot. Infused with international flavours, there's no need to swot up on Shakespeare or Cervantes to enjoy this literary mezze.

I believe the great man himself would enjoy my equine take on his most famous work and he'd probably be annoyed for not thinking of it first. Not that it is homage (I hear myself telling Jim McGuff on Book Worm). I have been scrupulous in avoiding pastiche and parody - two literary forms I detest - and focused on creating a work that stands in a green field of its own.
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