Look We Have Coming to Dover! by Daljit Nagra

Look We Have Coming to Dover!

Daljit Nagra

These vibrant poems are alive with images of life in multicultural Britain: the joy of a newlywed couple; the widow who longs for a grandchild; the alienation of a corner shop keeper. Easy on the eye and pleasing to the ear, this poetry gets better with every reading.

I pull her to me - my skating
hands on her back are Bolero
by Torvill and Dean. Giggling
with bhangra arms in air
she falling for lino, till I
swing her up in forearm!
Darling is so pirouettey with us
for whirlwind married month,
that every night, though by day
we work factory-hard, she always
have disco of drumstick in pot.
Hot. Waiting for me.
from Darling & Me!
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