The World to Come by Jim Shepard

The World to Come

Jim Shepard

A compelling collection of ten stories told in a range of diverse voices mainly based on real events such as a volcanic eruption in 1600BC Crete, a cyclone in 1900s Queensland, an exploration of the Northwest Passage in 1845. Full of descriptive language, there is a sense of foreboding as these dramatic and tragic tales unfold.


Once the undersea furrow finally aligns with the farthest edge of the sea it holds steady for a moment.  Your boy is still calling.  The infant is still crying.  Then the horizon line darkens still more, and widens, all of this accompanied by a continuous rolling thunder that seems to emanate from somewhere beyond the curve of the earth.  Another ox has gotten to its feet and bulled in panic past its handler.  It's only when you look to the east and west that you realize the band is widening because it's rising, into a wave whose size is without precedent.  At sixty miles away it already appears an inch tall, its upper edge frayed and filigreed in white.  Its reverberations are already oscillating through your hands and feet. 

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