His Bloody Project by Graeme Macrae Burnet

His Bloody Project

Graeme Macrae Burnet

A brutal but fascinating tale - reads like fact but grips like a thriller. Roddy's narrative (and indeed his confession to murder) will draw you in and even have you routing for him. However, don't drop your guard, nothing is straightforward. Words like victim and monster abound but nothing is black and white - and who's story can we believe?. The only surety is that for the women there is no hope and their lot is bleak and dreadful.


Statement of Mrs Camina Murchison [Carmina Smoke]. resident of Culduie, 12 August 1869

I have know Roderick Macrae since her was an infant. I generally found him to be a pleasant child and later to be a courteous and obliging young man. I believe he was greatly affected by the death of his mother , who was a charming and gregarious woman. While I do not wish to speak ill of his father, John Macrae is a disagreeable person, who treated Roddy with a degree of severity I do not believe any child deserves ...

Statement of Peter Mackenzie, first cousin to Lachlan Mackenzie [Lachlan Broad], resident of Culduie, 12 August 1869

Roderick Macrae is a wicked individual as one could ever have the misfortune to meet. Even as a small boy there was a mean spirit about him, such as one would not credit in a child. He was for many years thought to be a mute and capable only of some uncanny commune with his otherworldly sister, who seemed his partner in wickedness ...

  • The Testament of Gideon Mack by James Robertson
  • The Law of Dreams by Peter Behrens
  • Burial Rites by Hannah Kent

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