Guantanamo: A Novel by Dorothea Dieckmann

Guantanamo: A Novel

Dorothea Dieckmann

Harder-hitting than a documentary, this story of a detainee will disturb and challenge you. But the writing is so intense that you won't be able to put it down.


It never stops. Day and night, in every light, in every waking second, it can hit him and drag him back - back to the point before which he can't remember anything. Deaf, blind and unable to move, stuck rehashing the beginning of it all. Each time he tries to get back to before his arrival here, searching for a way out. But the nightmare just plays out the same way all over again, and he lands on his knees exactly like the men in front of him, again and again.

  • Mistress of Silence by Jacqueline Harpman
  • The Trial by Joseph Kafka

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