Miss Treadway and the Field of Stars by Miranda Emmerson

Miss Treadway and the Field of Stars

Miranda Emmerson

Part mystery, part love story, this novel takes the reader on a whistlestop tour through the streets of 1960s London - a different side of London life than is usually portrayed. Following Anna Treadway in her quest to find a missing actress, I became almost giddy. Brings alive the seldom seen side of our capital city from the perspective of its immigrant population.

For the first few minutes neither of them spoke. In that strange and hurried conversation on the corner of the Edgeware Road Anna had found herself caught up in the excitement of chasing Iolanthe. At last she had a clue, a lead; she knew something Sergeant Hayes did not. She had sped through the streets to Baker Street, Aloysius taking her arm as they crossed each road. She had felt daring and unconstrained. A single woman running through the darkness with a handsome black man at her side.
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