Forever and Ever Amen by Joe Pemberton

Forever and Ever Amen

Joe Pemberton

Nine year old James is anxious, his family are moving from Moss Side's West Indian community to a brand new semi-detatched in Ashton-Under-Lyne. Mysterious Aunty Mary helps him cope and fuels his vivid imagination, which took this reader on an enjoyable and nostalgic trip back to the sixties.


'You can't go to Ashton if you wet your bed. Wet your bed, wet your bed...'
James gave up struggling and decided to let them shake him until they got bored. Besides, it was late now, it would be all round his class by ten o'clock and all around the school by dinnertime, if Carl had his way. So there was no use in doing anything really except to try and keep his shoes and socks on. While he was at it why not take in the scenery? Wasn't this the same street where he'd got the whole class to sing 'Holy Broken Bones? the tune of Good Vibrations by the Beach Boys.

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