Wild Embers by Nikita Gill

Wild Embers

Nikita Gill

This poetry collection certainly lives up to its subtitle - 'poems of rebellion, fire and beauty'. Aimed primarily at women, particularly mothers of daughters and at the daughters themselves. I loved it for the variety of themes - astronomy, fairy tales, abuse, mental illness, Goddesses - and for the straightforward, beautiful language. Essential reading for all women and men as a celebration of female potential.

Girls like you
were given life
to bring tempests
and hail gales
unto their enemies.

Don't let a king
or a prince
or a fairytale
tell you you are smaller than
or who you are meant to be.

From Dragon's Breathe

  • Sea Lovers by Valerie Martin
  • 101 Poems by 101 Women by Germaine Greer (ed)

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