Sourdough by Robin Sloan


Robin Sloan

I just loved reading this book! With its understated humour, its cultural references and the slightly dystopian traits in the advanced technical theories it is written very intelligently, but with a very light touch. The different people which Loïs meets as she learns to cope with the 'starter' all have their own influence on her life and give the plot an intricate twist. I’m very much tempted to make my own starter and get baking!

‘What is it?’ It looked like the kind of vessel that might contain an ancestor’s ashes, which I definitely did not want.
‘It’s our culture,’ Beoreg said softly.
Nope, I definitely did not –
‘I mean ‘starter,’ Beoreg corrected himself. ‘For making sourdough bread, you know? I brought it so you could bake your own.’
I had no idea what to do with a starter.
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