The Bee Sting by  Paul Murray

The Bee Sting

Paul Murray

This is a novel full of insightful, witty observations and is a joy to read despite the countless dramas, conflicts, contradictions and fraught relationships. The foibles and failings of the characters are handled with stylistic brilliance and insightful tenderness. We truly feel included in the moral conflicts of their lives in this masterclass of convincing, captivating writing.


   None of this is set in stone, Dickie blurts. His voice is high and querulous. He does not sound much, to his own ears, like the rational one, the measured one, the one who has retained a sense of proportion. It’s all in the future, none of it might ever happen.

   It might not, Victor agrees. I hope to God it doesn’t. But if it does, you’d better be ready.

   With that, taking his hammer, he turns and is gone. PJ, at Dickie’s side, lets out a curious sound, a gasp, sort of a hoosh. Dickie closes his eyes, opens them again. It doesn’t seem to make much difference.

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