Beast by Matt Wesolowski


Matt Wesolowski

Six perspectives on one young woman's murder. Who did lock Lizzie in the tower? Are the three convicted men really to blame? And who created the Dead in Six Days challenge? A tense and shocking story of a seemingly innocent game ending with disastrous consequences. As the story was told by different observers I felt buffeted between belief and incredulity. Whatever the truth, the result is heartbreaking for everyone including us.

- I doubt very much there was a nefarious online vampire.... That silly challenge wasn't about vampires at all. It was about one-upmanship and popularity; getting the most likes, the most views - to be the most famous for five minutes. Was anyone being controlled by some dark figure? I'm dubious about that. As you already know Sol's video started it all off. Then Elizabeth Barton got a hold of it. That's when it became more than a silly challenge.
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