The Company Man by Robert Jackson Bennett

The Company Man

Robert Jackson Bennett

Steampunk, alternate history, even dieselpunk? I don't know, but this story reads like a dark thriller at first. There are gruesome murders and buddy themes echoing Holmes and Watson (or Mulder and Scully). A bleak brooding city where nothing is what it seems provides an unsettling backdrop to disturbing and horrifying happenings. Climaxes and fantasy build until the biggest, Messianic, secret of all is uncovered. I just had to keep reading.

It was almost like something under the city had spoken to him. Spoken to him and caused his attack. And strange as the vision had been, what disturbed him more was what had come just before it, because for one second Hayes had not heard whispers from the minds of those nearby but almost a loud shout from a single mind, one that was vaster than any he'd ever encountered. An enormous and strange consciousness, somehow buried under the city, and waiting for him, imagining a ruined Evesden underneath a dark sky.
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