The Girl With the Louding Voice by Abi Daré

The Girl With the Louding Voice

Abi Daré

This brutal coming of age story, narrated by the spirited and endearing fourteen year old Adunni in the poetic cadences of her local vernacular, paints a vivid account of the role of women in the toxic patriarchal culture of Nigerian society. Though heartbreaking, the verve and compassion of the writing makes this an immersive and uplifting experience.

'Your schooling is your voice, child. It will be speaking for you even if you didn’t open your mouth to talk. It will be speaking till the day God is calling you come.' That day, I tell myself that even if I am not getting anything in this life, I will go to school. I will finish my primary and secondary and university schooling and become teacher because I don’t just want to be having any kind voice . . . I want a louding voice.
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