Darkness and Company by Sigitas Parulskis

Darkness and Company

Sigitas Parulskis

A book about the Holocaust is not easy to read. That is why you should read it. We must never forget. This book is particularly disturbing because of the quotations from the Gospels, because the murderers are named for the Apostles and the last scene is a direct reference to the Resurrection story. It is also disturbing because of the story of Vincentas, a collaborator, and Judita, his Jewish lover, who he is trying to save. Truly awful.

From the first time Vincentas saw him he thought of the SS Officer as the Artist. He did not know yet anything about the man but could tell intuitively that the German took a lot of care over his appearance. Perfectly cut clothes, a small, almost delicate build, a distinct profile, somewhat angular but graceful movements. He simply liked to look good, and he knew that he did.
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