Detransition, Baby by  Torrey Peters

Detransition, Baby

Torrey Peters

The intense New York conversations between trans Reese, ex-trans Ames and cis Karina take some following. The story gradually and elaborately reveals a world in which trans characters struggle for acceptance whatever they do. The doubts, fears and desires of motherhood are very relatable for cis readers as well as trans ones.


I’m saying that no matter whatever sloganistic squishy ideology I might have pretended to adhere to, deep down I was ashamed to be one of them, and ashamed of the thwarted life I led. Even the white women who survived and managed to mature didn’t want to deal with mothering all that, and immature white girls were too angry and self-righteous to accept motherhood anyway. God knows that all the brown trans women I knew were careful to call themselves trans women of color and not just trans women – and I don’t blame them for emphasizing the distinction. I suppose that the black and brown mothers out there might take offense to my including their daughters among the orphaned elephants.

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