Endgame by Ahmet Altan


Ahmet Altan

Romeo and Juliet meets the Godfather. These young lovers are not young. They should know better. When the whole town is lusting after possible buried treasure in an old church, trouble looms. The man, an author, cannot resist playing God. He even argues with God about who's fault that is. So a cycle of killing and revenge leads to tragedy. Very Shakespearean


Raci Bey and his men were standing outside the restaurant and a young captain, who led the town gendarmerie, was walking was walking over to his car. I could see that Raci Bey was beside himself, his face flushed bright crimson.
'You dog,' he screamed at one of his men, who stood meekly before him with his hands clasped. Raci then slapped him across the face. The captain turned to see what was happening and Raci slapped the man again.
And then he left.
The man sat down at the base of the wall, covering his face with his hands. He must have been crying. No one went over to help him.
'This Raci Bey is bad news,' I thought, 'with no good intentions.'

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  • The Oresteia by Aeschylus
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