Crocodile Tears by Mercedes Rosende

Crocodile Tears

Mercedes Rosende

Diego is in prison accused of kidnapping and meeting his corrupt lawyer. What follows is a case of mistaken identity, a prison escape by a homicidal maniac, and an armed car robbery which goes badly wrong. Police Captain Leonilda Lima has the job of sorting the whole thing out . Expect an exciting rollercoaster of a read.


Good Afternoon. I'm Captain Leonilda Lima.  Yesterday you submitted a complaint to Section Ten, claiming that somebody was spying on you.  We think it is important to follow up such reports, that's why we've called you in, to confirm it and to explain some of the points that weren't clear.  Please take a seat.  I was notified of your case because it could be linked to another one I'm investigating.  No, I'm sorry, I can't tell you what the other case refers to.

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