Quick Before They Catch Us by Mark Timlin

Quick Before They Catch Us

Mark Timlin

Quick fire action and dialogue from Nick Sharman, private eye, hot on the trail of a runaway couple in London and Manchester. Shady characters and sinister situations abound.

'What's she doing here?' I said, rather brusquely, I've got to own up. But I was pissed off. It had been a lousy day, a rotten week, an unspeakable year and I was pretty fed up with the whole kit and caboodle of my life. Caroline Lees hadn't been exactly pleasant to me when I saw her on her ground that morning. Now she was on mine why should I be any different to her? Besides it's easier to beat up on a teenage girl and get away with it than it would've been to win a punch up with the Khan clan and Rajah at the restaurant. I was still smarting from my little run in with them and I needed a target.
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