The Voice in My Ear by Frances Leviston

The Voice in My Ear

Frances Leviston

There's a connected, everywoman feel to these short stories with a different Claire in each one. Whilst a couple casually wander into the realms of sci fi, fantasy and horror they are still, overall, rooted in the gritty, mundane realities of life and relationships. Mothers feature significantly, but also other familial relations, and whilst the writing is highly descriptive, almost poetic, the tone is dark and unsettling.


Claire's gaze slid sideways and landed on the gravel. Where the shadow of the house lay across them, the chips of stone looked flat and dull, a uniform charcoal colour; but out of that shadow, in direct sun, they showed beautiful variegations of dove and slate and lilac, not only between separate chips, but within the individual chips themselves. Each glistened with the composite texture of millions of years of relentless compression.

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