Bitter-Sweet Harvest by Chan Ling Yap

Bitter-Sweet Harvest

Chan Ling Yap

In an action-packed story full of local colour and melodrama, An Mei’s tumultuous relationships with her Chinese Christian parents and Malay Muslim boyfriend take centre stage. The descriptions of the landscapes are particularly evocative and poignant. A must read for fans of Sweet Offerings – and a chance to renew acquaintance with characters from that story.

Hussein turned and looked at her beseechingly. 'Come with me,' he mouthed silently. Then, almost half running, he reached her and gathered her in his arms. 'Come with me, now,' he repeated urgently. She felt her resolve - to break-up with Hussein and remain with her parents - crumble. Without thinking she nodded vigourously. He caught hold of her hand and ran back to the check-in desk ignoring the indignant remarks of other passengers. 'Two seats,' he said retrieving the open ticket that An Mei had so firmly pushed back into his possession two hours ago. 'Two seats,' he repeated, his voice triumphant with joy.
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