The Eden Legacy by Will Adams

The Eden Legacy

Will Adams

A fast-paced thriller about treasure hunting in the beautiful marine landscape of Madagascar. This unique and exciting read challenges centuries old assumptions and made me question how you can 'discover' a country that's already been discovered? I couldn’t put the book down until I knew the truth.


'It’s just that your boss was telling me about some family folklore of his.'

'Ah,' said Knox.

'Apparently one of his great, great ancestors originally arrived in California on some huge boat from China. He assured me this was at least five hundred years ago, more like six, a good century before any Europeans got there.'

'It’s perfectly plausible,' said Knox…

Ricky was convinced that his ancestors had arrived in America on one of Zheng He’s treasure ships, long before Columbus and the Spanish: that the Chinese, therefore, were the first true discoverers and settlers of America.


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