City of Dreams and Nightmare by Ian Whates

City of Dreams and Nightmare

Ian Whates

From murky depths to dizzying heights, the similarities between class structure and the cities of Thaiburley are abundant. The story follows the unlikely hero Tom on his unwanted crusade to save Thaiburley from the darkside hands of Senior Arkademic Magnus. With bionic 'demon-hounds', kindly Jeradines and a mysterious player all in the game, this novel will not disappoint any Sci-fi fan!

'Who's your friend?'
'Name of Tom.'
'What gang are you with, lad?'
'The Blue Claw.' He answered that one himself, not seeing any point in lying.
'A fair way from your own territory, aren't you? What's the story?'
'None of your business, I'd say,' Kat cut in.
The man grunted turning back to the girl. 'As you wish. Doesn't make any difference. You know what comes next.'
Kat might, but Tom had no idea. What did come next? There was nothing overtly hostile about the newcomers, yet their sheer physical presence had him feeling trapped, as if he was barely one step away from being cuffed and chained.
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