Isaac and the Egg by  Bobby Palmer

Isaac and the Egg

Bobby Palmer

This is a hugely emotional read that will seep into your every waking moment – and maybe even your dreams. It's suffused with warmth and sadness but pockets of real humour bring light in the darkness. The overriding feeling is one of love, which shines as a beacon through Isaac's pain and loss. But what about the story – and who or what is the egg? Impossible to describe in a few words – so please just read the book and discover for yourself.


'What are you thinking about, Isaac?' the therapist says. 'You're miles away.' ...

There’s a thousand people Isaac would rather speak to about the empty hole in his chest than a trained medical professional. Like his barber. Like the egg. Like Mary. He wishes, beyond anything, that he would just be allowed to speak to Mary. Isaac blinks at Dr Abbass. What am I thinking about? I’m thinking that bringing the rucksack was a bad idea. I’m thinking that it’s too early to allow the egg into the outside world. I’m thinking that I can see two sets of stubby yellow fingers poking out from the space between the zips.

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