Marigold and Rose by  Louise Glück

Marigold and Rose

Louise Glück

With the simplicity of a fable, we share the thoughts of twin sisters in the first year of their life. They are contrasting personalities: Rose the social butterfly living in the now; Marigold the introverted overthinker who already feels intense nostalgia for the passing of time. Warmly and with a wry grin, the book allows us to reflect too, on ourselves and on time. In these slim 52 pages, I found a vast sense of empathy, sadness and wonder.


Mother was home but the twins knew somehow they were getting older whether they wanted to or not. They would someday walk instead of crawl. They would have teeth. And the diapers would be gone, along with Grandmother and the apartment, though the stuffed bear would still be with them wherever they were; it would follow them as it had followed Father. And if the stuffing came out it would get new stuffing.

Everything will disappear, Marigold thought.

It was evening. Rose was smiling placidly in the bath-tub playing with the squirting elephant, which, according to Mother, represented patience, strength, loyalty and wisdom.

How does she do it, Marigold thought, knowing what we know.

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