The Dog by Kerstin Ekman

The Dog

Kerstin Ekman

Written with not a word too many nor in the wrong place, this is the vivid story of a puppy's survival in the beautiful Scandinavian wilderness and his eventual re-domestication when full-grown. This fable-like tale is rapidly becoming a modern Swedish classic and should appeal to many more readers through this excellent translation.

The strong wind blowing off the lake creates a little tempest in the crown of the spruce. The sound makes him sleepy. He dozes, eyelids heavy. The pasture rustles in the wind and blades of grass gleam when it combs them apart. The tiny birch leaves shimmer too, catching the sun. Birch saplings sprout up here and there on the heavy grass, an invasion from the forest.
White flecks swirl across his field of vision. He knows what they are. Butterflies don't have much taste, Bumblebees sting in your mouth. He knows.
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