Not the End of the World by Kate Atkinson

Not the End of the World

Kate Atkinson

An original collection of contemporary and inter-linked short stories which delve into the lives and loves of extraordinary characters who inhabit a world where Greek myth and everyday reality go hand in hand. Many of the tales are playful, others quite shocking. Definitely recommended.

'Oh, and, of course, this is Arthur,' Romney said carelessly in a grating kind of East London accent that was already beginning to annoy Missy. Hadn't elocution lessons been on the curriculum at Romney's stage school?
Missy did actually know about Arthur's existence as she had checked out Romney's (entirely tabloid) cuttings file ('My love for my little boy', 'My single-parent hell', and so on) before arriving at Romney's Primrose Hill house.
'This is the new nanny, Arthur,' Romney said. 'Oh,' Arthur said, raising surprised eyebrows. Missy liked a child who didn't speak when he had nothing to say.
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