The Secret to Not Drowning by Colette Snowden

The Secret to Not Drowning

Colette Snowden

The challenging topic of domestic violence is tackled in this thought-provoking novel. Long-suffering Marion is the victim of her unnamed husband’s mind games and physical abuse which underpin their troubled marriage. His treatment of her is painful to witness; such is the force and intimacy in which the scenes play out. While he's painted as the archetypal villain, Marion is the ultimate heroine whom readers can’t fail to take to their hearts.

In the morning He’ll get up and He’ll pretend that nothing’s happened tonight. He’ll probably make some comment about how awful the food was or how lovely my baked apples were. He won’t mention the crumpled dress or the sex in the bathroom or what happened in the supermarket or what happened when we got home. He’s saving the next helping of recriminations for round two.
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