The Pretender by Jane Stevenson

The Pretender

Jane Stevenson

This is the sequel to 'Astraea' and the second part of a trilogy but you do not need to have read the first book to enjoy 'The Pretender.' A painless lesson in seventeenth century history. Medical practices, politics, racism, spying and slavery are all explained as we follow Dr Balthasar across the world.

September 1663 The packet-boat from Dordrecht was making its way up the Walcheren Canal towards Middleburg on the last leg of its journey, with the sun lying low on the horizon and making them all squint as they looked towards their first sight of the town. Balthasar, at last, was going home. Chilled from the long, cold journey threading through the islands of Zeeland, and uncertain in his mind, he looked up as the familiar defences of the Oostport came into view. He longed for home, and yet the thought of it appalled him. In the depths of the hold, roped and corded, were all his books and clothes from Leiden, together with his certificates of graduation as a doctor of medicine.
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