By the Light of My Father's Smile by Alice Walker

By the Light of My Father's Smile

Alice Walker

A book to change your view of life. Deeply moving with very real characters. You will experience the colours of deep pain and release.

Among the Mundo there is the teaching of nonpossession of others. But I left the tribe so young that it was a lesson only partly learnt. The lesson I did learn was that there is one other soul in each of our lifetimes to which we are primarily drawn. It is a body and a soul attraction. When it is found, what one notices inescapably, is that there is no fear of what anyone thinks. You do not say, Who will like this? What offence will we give? You say only Thank Mama (our conception of God) or Thank Luck. Since to us Mama (everything that is) and Luck are the same.

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