Five Photos of my Wife by Agnes Desarthe

Five Photos of my Wife

Agnes Desarthe

Max, left alone after the death of his wife of more than 50 years, struggles to come to terms with this new lonely world. A beautifully crafted, flowing narrative - insightful and moving. In a very subtle way this book says a lot about love, loss and how much we really know about people close to us.

He felt as if he were waking from the dreams of a young man who had fallen asleep fifty years earlier, a dream of a life that was as brief as a single night .... 'What was your wife's name?' Virginie asked. 'Telma' said Max in a troubled voice. It was so strange saying that name. A call that never again would receive a reply. One of the terribly fragile exhibits in the museum of his memory. A secret crypt into which no one would ever go.
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