Winona's Web by Priscilla Cogan

Winona's Web

Priscilla Cogan

This book raises some very pertinent issues about being a woman today in our ‘have it all-do it all’ society. Read it for the rich and evocative descriptions of the landscape and the unusual friendship between elderly Sioux medicine woman, Winona and therapist, Meggie – both healers within their own communities – but each with their own individual cross to bear. The gentle pace is soothing and calming – drawing you in and giving space to think.

'You are alone,' she commented, 'and that's okay, but you're not balanced. You don't have a man to balance you. And inside, you don't yet know the power of woman.' Sadness suddenly flooded me; I turned my gaze to the floor, embarrassed. What was Winona touching, way down inside of me? Whose therapy was it anyway? I replied with a challenge, 'Winona, how do you know that I am not in a relationship with a man?' 'the Spirits told me.' She grinned.
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