The Light of Amsterdam by David Park

The Light of Amsterdam

David Park

Hostile teenagers, selfish adult offspring, thankless parental responsibilities and marital disappointments - any of this sound familiar? If so, you will relate to this sympathetically-drawn portrait of three people on a weekend trip with their families to Amsterdam. Variously regretting the life choices they have made, they begin to see their creaky relationships in a new light, from the fresh perspective of this foreign city.

Let them all come to Amsterdam, let it be compulsory for every citizen to temporarily sojourn there and imbibe the knowledge that race and religion, colur and gender mattered little in the pursuit of happiness. Look at every street where every possible human permutation seemed to flourish and no head turned to stare or finger pointed. He was transfigured by the city. It was unlike anywhere he had ever been before. Despite his little money - he had slept out once in Vondelpark before the police had stopped it and he had been forced to find a hostel - he had felt himself momentarily part of something bigger and freer than he had ever known.
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