Leisure by Kevin Sampson


Kevin Sampson

If you've ever been on a package holiday you will recognise all the elements gathered here in some wonderful observations about love, life and Brits abroad.

Shaun was oblivious to Hilary's mood. He'd ordered squid and was clearly taken aback when it didn't come in neat battered rings but, rather, a sizeable white valve complete with nodules and tentacles. Undeterred, he proceeded to cut it into neat pieces and surreptitiously flick them out to the skeletal cats by the beach. As she concentrated on the romance of the floor show, she was still aware of Shaun, clapping along, determined to show his appreciation. She'd been so willing to find the good in him when she came back from the pool, but the reality was this gurning buffoon she now beheld. If he so much as shouted 'Ole!' or 'Bravo!' she was getting up and walking off. No messing.
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