Family Trust by Amanda Brown

Family Trust

Amanda Brown

What a wonderful, fun, holiday read! A classic working girl meets rich playboy man, will they won't they love story, with a cute orphan thrown in for heart warming. Becca is a real workaholic, with barely enough time to eat, when suddenly she becomes co-guardian of her best friend's daughter after a freak accident. The co-guardian is rich, suave, handsome - you can guess the rest!

His enthusiasm was extravagant, and Becca relaxed, watching Emily return the warmth of his embrace. The child burrowed her face into his strong shoulder, when she sat back in his arms, Becca saw that the child beamed with the importance of being met at a big building by a friend of her father's. The thought that flashed into Becca's mind surprised her: maybe Emily needed a dad?

Becca shook her head. What was she thinking? She had done fine without a father. How strange she felt suddenly, how dizzy and unfocused.

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