White Powder, Green Light by James Hawes

White Powder, Green Light

James Hawes

Provincial heroine beats big city slickers. In this black comedy the author uses a traditional storyline to satirize the media scene at both provincial and national level. If you have any knowledge of this world you'll appreciate just how close to reality this gets.

Jane came back to her little terraced house in Cardiff at 10p.m., having left Dicky and his friends to their cruising before it got too obvious that they were itching to leave her and go out into the locker rooms of the night. So now Dr. Jane Feverfew, successful academic, loving mother and sex object of many young male fantasies, was half drunk, completely unencumbered and had nothing to do and nowhere to go and no one to do it with on a Friday night. In Cardiff, Wales.
'-Hoo-rah for Dr. Jane,' said Jane.
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