Amaryllis Night and Day by Russell Hoban

Amaryllis Night and Day

Russell Hoban

This is a deeply rich and romantic book that starts at a real time and a place and moves naturally into dreams and visions. It's also about the desires of an old man and it's honest and tough. The book has a very seductive voice that draws you into it. If you like to meet real people when you read, and are willing to go along with some strange travelling arrangements then you'll get on with this book.

This is a warning: bear in mind as you read my story that I am not an uninvolved author constructing a narrative; no, indeed. I'm in this not only up to my neck but over my head and I'm telling it my way. As people, when they become friends, take a little while to open up, so I too have some reserve, some reticence - in short, don't expect me to spill my guts all at once. If you want to stay with me, fine; if not, go with God. Or whatever you go with when you go.
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