Joseph's Box by Suhayl Saadi

Joseph's Box

Suhayl Saadi

Two bereaved people find a box floating in the River Clyde. It opens as Alex plays his lute and then the adventure begins … Think Homer's Odyssey, Joyce's Ulysses or Alice in Wonderland, the Box of Delights or the Mahabharata. Or rather forget the comparisons and wallow in the beauty of the language, and the breathtaking virtuosity of the story. The Joseph of the title is the father of a famous carpenter - which gives nothing away at all.

The waves of the loch were leaden with the weight of the sky and the music was unstoppable. She heaved again. This time, she felt her body rise onto its feet and, though she could no longer feel the soles, she made to go where Alex was slumped over the lute.
  • The Odyssey by Homer
  • Ulysses by James Joyce
  • The Mahabharata by Anon
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Explicit sexual content