The Secret Hunters by Ranulph Fiennes

The Secret Hunters

Ranulph Fiennes

Thought provoking and disturbing 'true' adventure. Vivid descriptions of appalling cruelty meted out to Jews in World War II coupled with examples of smaller scale but equally abhorrent activities in the present. A thriller which tackles weighty issues.

... because he knew of my own long-term quest to locate Karl Beindl he decided to involve me.

My reaction was extreme excitement. After all these years, the thought of meeting, denouncing and trapping Beindl was enormously satisfying. I had not been able to trace his whereabouts ... after 1987 .... Now, suddenly, it appeared he was not just alive and kicking but at the forefront of Neo-Nazizm in the 1990s. I was being given a chance to catch up with him.

He gave me the file on the 69 year old Nazi. 'You'd think his capacity for evil would be diminishing by now,' he commented, 'but his evil genius lies in his ability to whip up hatred. He needs a world where extremism can flourish.'

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