Semi-detached by Paul Heathorn


Paul Heathorn

Brilliant! You will laugh out loud at this feast of ironic and tongue in cheek humour. Liam buys the house next door to his best friend, but doesn't tell him. He then knocks a hole in the wall between the two houses so that he can 'visit' while they are out. Will he be found out or will his excuses save him? Great holiday read.

I got in and shut the wardrobe door behind me. (Remembering, as I always seemed to, that 'It is very foolish to shut oneself into any wardrobe' and delighting in ignoring it.) I slackened off the fishing line at each corner of my wardrobe. Then I moved the bowling ball (still in its box) and lifted out the brick plug at the bottom left. Nudging out the white board, as usual, I was able to tip it forward to rest against Iman's clothes rail. I slow-dived through the bottom left corner of my wardrobe into the bottom right corner of Iman's. I reached back through for the white carrier bag. Nice and easy.

  • Turning Thirty by Mike Gayle
  • About a Boy by Nick Hornby

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