The Cheese Monkeys by Chip Kidd

The Cheese Monkeys

Chip Kidd

This begins as a sharp portrayal of student life in the 1950s - I too was challenged by the projects set by sadistic teacher, Winter Sorbeck, and suffered with the students during his merciless critiques. But towards the end the whole tone of the book suddenly changed and it became quite dark and sinister - the ending seemed quite separate from what had gone before. This book certinly made me think, but I also enjoyed it.

Kurt was a statue of shock. In my mind I could see the mop handle sticking out of his backside. I made it out to be about four inches in diameter, eight or so feet long, and covered with Sorbeck's fingerprints. The floor was now spotless.

Then the teacher cast his net of displeasure out, over us all.

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