The Truth and Other Lies by Sascha Arango

The Truth and Other Lies

Sascha Arango

Wife or mistress? An age old problem but amoral Henry (think Ripley, but less competent) makes a disastrous choice. A perfect life, based on lies, spins out of control; there are deaths; the police are involved. Can Henry regain control and wriggle out of his predicament? As I read this book with an intriguing cast of characters, full of suspense but with a sly undertone of humour, I had to stop myself skipping to the end to find out.

The following spring, Henry killed his father-in-law. He bought him an historic helmet once worn in the Vienna fire brigade, which is, as it happens, the oldest fire brigade in the world. The ageing collector's surprise and pleasure were so great that his aneurysm ruptured and he fell down dead. Henry had carried off the perfect tyrannicide without either knowing what he was doing or meaning to do it.
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