The Missing Person's Guide to Love by Susanna Jones

The Missing Person's Guide to Love

Susanna Jones

Like peeling layers from an onion, this initially made me cry with frustration and confusion, but in the end it delivered a rich and satisfying feast. You may relish the strong sense of place –Yorkshire, and think you’ve worked out what's cooking but what is served up has a surprise in the very last bite.

'Annie, why did you want to talk to me today?'
'To find out what you know about my little brother. I don't know if he's guilty of some horrible murder, manslaughter, whatever. I've never wanted to think about it for very long. Okay, I'll be honest.' Annie dipped her finger in the brandy glass and licked it.
'Here we go. My mother thinks he is. Was. She has never said so to me, not in clear sentences, but I know that's what she believes. He wasn't at home when Julia disappeared.'
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