Kinship Theory by Hester Kaplan

Kinship Theory

Hester Kaplan

A mother bears a child for her daughter, not fully understanding the difficulties that will follow. The novel tackles ethical issues and lays out the emotional consequences in a very human and readable fashion.


'Do you know what I understood this morning? That this' Maggie said, circling her hands around her stomach, 'is still an abstraction for Dale. A child is an idea for her. For me, well, I want to throw up almost every morning, my breasts ache and I can't sleep, and I feel the baby all the time. I know who she is - there's nothing abstract about her at all. The other day Dale and I were talking about work and she asked me why you and I are still trying to find a way to prevent cataracts when it's so simple to remove them. This is the same thing ....
But there are still people in this, histories and feelings. Dale doesn't see the heart anymore. Not even in this baby. That's what worries me.'

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