Girl in White by Sue Hubbard

Girl in White

Sue Hubbard

This mix of fact and fiction follows the life of artist Paula Modersohn-Becker as she struggles with society, experiencing friction between what is expected and what she truly feels in her heart. There is a poetic, rich description of both the beauty and harshness of reality, which powerfully portrays Paula's intensity for her art and the turmoil she feels within. It is set in the past yet the issues it deals with are still as relevant today.

As she made her way through the dimly lit streets, down the narrow alleys with their peeling posters advertising absinthe and cigarettes towards her lodgings, she could hear the feral cats fighting for scraps under the cafe tables. As she walked she felt as if she was seeing the city with a new clarity. Paris had given her so much; had opened her eyes and shown her the power and poignancy of the ordinary. It had become a part of her now. When she got to her room she lit a candle and got out a sheet of writing paper.
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